Gin and Tonic Photos

Photos from our customers.

Ice Plant

Here is a picture of a Gin & Tonic made with our house made tonic using Cinchona Bark from Herbal Advantage. Our farm to table cuisine and cocktails is focused on the art and craft of mixing exceptional local ingredients in precise measurements to create perfect and unique flavor profiles. 

Ice Plant, 110 Riberia St, Saint Augustine, FL

Sunset picture taken on the shore of Makaha on Oahu HI

sunset picture taken on the shore of Makaha on Oahu HI

Enjoying some relaxing time and a good Gin & Tonic made with Cinchona Bark from Herbal Advantage.

Kootenay Cabin

We brew Cinchona bark with citrus and lemongrass to create our Cabin tonic concentrate which we blend with a Canadian craft Seaside Gin & soda and garnish with a lime and a Nasturtium Flower that is grown in our gardens.

Cabin is an upscale-casual, full service restaurant located in the Selkirk Mountain Range on the Canadian/ US boarder and located right on a beach overlooking the beautiful Kootenay lake where you can watch an inland ferry crossing from a seat on our patio. 

Menu created by Executive Chef, Jason Malloff, with dishes thoughtfully prepared to best enhance locally sourced ingredients. 

Our aim is to foster a greater connection between the regional farm and our guest’s table; it is the driving factor in our food, service & ambiance.

16898 Highway 3A, Kootenay Bay, BC, Canada

House G&T

Our house G&T, served at Hog & Hominy in Memphis, Tn, is tangy, tart, and refreshing. It also has a unique spicy note provided by the inclusion of Angelica root. For a delicious substitution, garnish with a few fresh basil leaves.

707 W Brookhaven Circle Memphis, TN

Hog & Hominy